26 janvier 2020

My three years in London :)

            Hi guys ! I'm Sarah a fench student I'm 22 years old. Today I'm writting this message on my blog 'cause I want to convince you to study in London. London is a very good city for study, she has eight universities, and you should come here if you want to learn English perfectly! 

I come in London since three years and in the beginning it was very hard mentaly because I didn't know no one. But English people are so welcoming ! When I moved in, my neighbor helped me a lot. She helped me to know the places I went to South Banks university in London to study English literature and it was the best three years of my life. I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun even though sometimes it was hard. So you could study in South Banks university if you study English literature.

So if you want to move to London to study please don’t hesitate ! You can do it !!

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